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We are experts in commercial moves within and outside the US. We have moved almost every industry since being in business for 20 years. 

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Customers love our service and how quickly we move. We give first class service to all our customers. 

Very fine service, and I am a repeat customer having used Movers Los Angeles several years ago for my company.

Jake Lucas

CEO of Billions in the Bank

Great service, and will use again if I have to move. I was surprised on how quickly they packed my home, and moved it. 

Yvette Glassford

Homeowner, Lomita California

Great move. I had Movers LA take my artwork from my my old home to my new one. Perfect condition and not a scratch. 

Rigan Machado

Hollywood Celebrity trainer

United Moving Company Reviews


Most importantly there was no unwanted drama and delay and they made sure to deliver everything in one piece united moving company reviews without any damage.

The staff was very friendly and helpful when moving my items, and they also were very quick when moving my items from my old house and into my new one.

I will definitely hire this company again since they really try to up their game. BBB Business Profiles are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Your experience matters. We would definitely recommend them to anyone. Even when they delivered everything, I offered them tips and they refused. They did what they said they 24 hour moving company when they said they would do it.

I was a lead man in my company to supervise others doing there work. They always quote you low and then add on extra charges later on. They were absolutely fantastic at the job. They took all the information, cross referenced with my previous move and gave a very reasonable quote. The movers were extremely polite and professional.

Boxes were put upside down even when marked. After the move was done, movers came to my home and unpacked all my furniture and boxes, and assembled my beds.

United Moving Company made our relocation process so very easy! Fun work place. We needed to do a long distance move and chose United Moving Company because they had good united moving company reviews and reasonable pricing.

The way they moved the chairs handled my books and carried my Ultra HD flat screen televisions left me admiring their prowess. United moving company was super fast and professional with his sales rep responses and made me feel good about what was a pretty messy, multi-stage move before the guys even arrived. I will use United moving company again! They all seemed quite professional but there was something about United moving company that really impressed me.

You know what they say you get what you pay for. Our move involved picking up all of our belongings from an apartment. Every bit of it was a proof of their professionalism. August 14, When I called them for a quote, they seemed friendly and I was called back soon with a quote that was more than fair.

Mine was from United moving company, and those guys were passionate for real. Other then a late delivery due to snow we could not have been happier. He was great and always there when I called. United, you are greatly appreciated in world of horrible movers.

August 7, We chose United Moving Company because our friends had used them. They are indeed the best moving service and they remain my permanent moving company. September 3, United moving company is a company that has a huge network, a large fleet and superbly efficient movers.

I have never used a moving company before. They showed up on time and the loading was really fast. They made my move so much more comfortable!!

All my belongings turned up at my new house right on schedule. It really was a very smooth relocation. They were timely and they charged me very reasonably, plus that they showed professionalism of the highest level handling my things. They said nothing will be damaged, they said the price will not change, and also there will be delays. Everything went very well! These guys were just like well-oiled machines. They promise a crew moving companies in west chester is so capable and you get men with little to no experience at this job.

They arrived on time with their packaging material and the foreman explained to me the paperwork quickly then they were onto the work. United corporate office is the worst to deal with poor communication skills same old answer everyday We are reviewing the documents nine months later same answer We are reviewing the documents I call it stall delay delay and delay so the claims filing time runs out.

One box was dropped while unloading the truck but luckily it was just silverwear so no damage done. For my last move, I hired United Moving Company expecting more or less the same. I was quite shocked at this point. I contracted United Moving Company due to their online reputation. Not only were their employees very professional and careful with all of my belongings, but they also worked quickly and my move went off without a hitch. The move went smooth and the men were very easy to deal with.

I also found a friend that has used and referred to them. Share your review. I recommend them. They used day labor to off load our furniture people they picked up on the corner looking for work. You guys were great! And that is exactly what they did! United Moving Company is highly recommendable. They were courteous and professional. What I liked most is their affordable pricing. I was relocated so peacefully without any single mistake being involved. Help out others considering your employer.

The next challenge was my new apartment. Honest and reliable — that is my review for Moving companies panama city fl amusing Moving Just click for source. The driver was easy to communicate with and kept us updated.

My old apartment was a third floor walkup through a very narrow staircase. We recommend United Moving Company highly to anyone for all kinds of moving needs. Their team at United Moving Company was friendly and honest. Thank you so much. It is common with all service providers that quality services come along with higher chargers.

My shipment was damaged in many ways - 7 pieces of furniture were seriously damaged and needing repair. In a tough market, being polite brings more clients. I know this because I have hired them before, united moving company reviews.

I got crucial information in a prompt manner and also both crew arrived on schedule the day of the pickup. As such, I would love them to work for me again. I was very impressed with the high quality of solution and also click here openness of the price quote as well as last expense. September 11, Movers from United moving company were simply the best.

They did everything I wanted! Three movers came for my two bedroom house, packing up everything properly as far as I could see. I would most definitely utilize this service once again and extremely suggest it. He was able to answer all of my technical questions and incredibly patient with me. The crew worked very efficiently and it seemed like they were really working fast to save read article some bucks.

I am so happy to be recommending them. Many antique and heirloom items were broken beyond repair. I have United Moving Company as my ideal relocation company and I am fully content with that. They stacked furniture on top of boxes and strapped by Steer and Buffalo lounge chair to the wall in the van.

I hired these movers and they revealed to me the glorious part of them. After this experience, I will never move myself again.

This process was a nightmare, so normally I would call them up, however I never want to deal with these scammers again, all I can say is to all of you who are considering to yuma az companies moving, do your research no matter how sweet talking they will be on the phone.

United Moving Company is definitely a company I would use again and I will recommend to all of my friends. There is nothing more that I need. Thank you. They took care of all my needs without breaking a sweat. I appreciated how clear the contract was to understand. We were moving from CA to TX and everything arrived in one piece and as it was packed. We moved so easily only because of United moving company. A very efficient set of people came on the moving day and they moved everything very nicely.

We moved our son to his new doorm and were very pleased with our choice, united moving company reviews. Their price was in the middle of the 5 or so companies we called. I was very impressed by them.

Actually, I must say that my price did go up just a bit but embarrassingly it was my fault I procrastinated adding a piece of furniture to my inventory and then forgot about it until the day of the move.

We moved from FL to TX via our company, this company was contracted to move us, we are finding multiple high value items destroyed. It was on the fourth floor and the elevator was sketchy to describe it the best way possible. The dispatch company Group Movers has held up our furniture telling us "no guarantees " on delivery.

Cool deal. I appreciate that I was given no extra fees on pick up or drop off. August 23, I feel skyline moving company spending on such relocation.

I have never united moving company reviews my hopes and believed in cheap and quality services until I came across United moving company. They were punctual on pickup and on delivery. This move went perfectly and just the way I wanted. They did an in house inventory and were upfront and honest from start to finish.

I had never imagined it to be so easy. They got along, very easy and professional to deal with. We got completely done in a reasonable amount of time for what we had to move, united moving company reviews. August 18, The crew you use to relocate you will play a crucial role in making sure that your relocation is successful. The movers worked fast and hard. Please know if any of my friends or family needs a moving service, I will highly recommend your company.

Then along with the furniture, the boxes were systematically carried outside to the van, united moving company reviews. They moved fragile and heavy items without any hassle.

United Van Lines Reviews

They used a van that leaked water and damaged antique furniture handed us a pile of broken pieces they swept up off the click to see more floor. I think they exceeded all my expectations and performed brilliantly in conditions less than comfortable. Their attitude had a certain confidence, as if they really know this business. The move was cool; I would recommend anyone with intent of moving anytime soon to try these amazing movers.

The four men carried most of the things through the stairs. United moving company was fantastic. It is still convenient to hire the moving companies so I keep hiring them.

In the beginning of the process I was worried because it felt like my sales representative Jason was going out of his way to make me feel special and loved. I cannot pass a moment to recommend the work of these awesome guys.

Everything was perfect. I would want the same crew. We have called the for two days no one answers. They were just as good, if not better, during my last move. The men who moved my belongings charged by hour so they had to be quick; and they were. I expected it to happen as they are a moving company and was prepared for it. My united moving company reviews was right. They made our move so easy they packed up our whole house in four hours, something that I know between my husband and I would have taken two weeks!

Every piece of furniture was damaged in our home. If we ever move again, they will be the first people I call. Package cleaning with everything else and cross that massive to-do off your list. This move was so easy that it is not possible to be any easier! The people did their job very well and there is nothing I could complain about. Boxes were smashed. The move could not have gone any better. I actually received everything I click promised in the quotation and the rates did not change.

Nothing was broken or lost and the moving crew was great. They were able to take apart all of my Ikea furniture and offered to reassemble in my new home, which they did! They started packing my stuff early in the morning taking note of the things they found in each room. Even on my move day there were no surprises I know, crazy for a moving company.

Something which makes them different is their commitment. Crew arrived on time, were careful with our source and thoughtful about how things were packed.

They thus helped me save! And if they behave the same way with every client, they should have a waiting line of interested customers. My entire stuff was packed with exceptional skill and professionalism. They gave me a top quality service at a very affordable price compared to other movers whom I contacted and were charging me more for the same services.

It was a long move, but they managed to deliver my things within schedule and without damaging anything. I spoke with their sales rep and he was very convincing and generous. They were able to meet my timeline for moving on short notice at a very competitive price. September 1, But, I got to let others know that the people were professional and punctual. The services they offered me were sleek and adorable.

The movers were continue reading fast and efficient. No one seems concerned. August 27, For now, I consider myself fully sorted out in terms of relocation.

Another wonderful service United Van Lines packs into its massive toolbelt is housecleaning. We are a big family and obviously that means hell lot of stuff. All our furniture was wrapped in shrinking tapes and other items were packed into boxes. September 5, I have to relocate every few years and by now I have really accustomed myself with how the process works if you hire a moving company. They let me know a half hour before they arrived and I appreciated the heads up.

All my belongings were safely packed inside boxes. You will need one that knows what they are doing and are not only dedicated but also passionate about what they are doing. They had confidence in themselves and it paid off! The team had a good sense of organization. They were professional, united moving company reviews, friendly, and never once used a hand truck!! The service I got from United Moving Company was prompt and top notch. I appreciated the fact that I paid the flat payment, the same number that was on my contract in the beginning.

Multiple items were advised as high value and were not separated for safety. I hired United moving company to get my furniture out and then transport them. I would definitely recommend this company to any person who is looking to move in the near future and needs a moving company to help them out, united moving company reviews.

They provided status without having to ask for it. They packed my kitchen and living room in boxes. I move around the country for work and I usually do the moving myself by renting a truck. Such a great surprise! Still comparing quotes with other moving companies?

They were a pleasure to work with and highly recommend to anyone who needs to move. United moving company reviews would choose the same team again if possible, the next time I plan to relocate. Use them and you will have a good move. United Moving Company is one of the best moving companies that I have found. Everything arrived in separate containers exactly when they said it would.

The interactions I had with the moving coordinator been done on the phone. August 20, And that is what I vowed after using the services of United moving company last winter when relocating to California, united moving company reviews. When the call came for a new job, I decided to hire a moving company this web page pack up all my belongings and move them there.

None of our belongings were damaged and they did not lose a thing! They packed everything with bubble wrap and shrink wrap and made sure nothing was damaged. What do you think? All my furniture was covered by blankets and wrapped by plastic film. Cooperative and quick response and services on short notice. When I contracted my move with United I was sure I would have to deal with some problem at some point. Their high levels of cooperation ensured visit web page the relocation was not only successful but also memorable.

However, they really surprised me. They are even funny sometimes and that made me feel that for them I was a person not a sale. The manager and his team were professional and personable.

Everything was transported with no problems at all and some of it was pretty fragile. However, BBB does not verify the accuracy of information provided by third parties, and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information in Business Profiles.

I have come to really appreciate what these guys do and how hard they work. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to move. I talked to several companies and they gave me varied quotes. These guys were very friendly and they really know how to pack! It was quick and pretty close to what we actually ended up using timelines.

The team was professional, hard working, efficient, respectful, and also personalized. When having to break down as well as established back up a big bunk bed and a king bed, united moving company reviews, also. You are bound to like it. It was quite remarkable!! September 16, Courtesy of United moving company, I was able to relocate peacefully.

They quoted quite low as usual, but no extra costs were added in the final bill. September 8, I had hired United moving company for my recent relocation. I just wanted to say thanks to the men that came to move. United moving company helped us relocate from our residence of 15 years in FL to a brand-new house in TN. Three people came the day prior to the move and evacuated the whole house really efficiently, coming in under the estimated time.

My husband was especially impressed that they did not hit the walls or anything a single time. Our items were well wrapped and we had no damages to our belongings. They were expert, well outfitted, considerate of the few specialty things I united moving company reviews, and took treatment to secure my furniture as well as paintings quite possibly. August 16, Putting the move in order and handling my family was a difficult thing for me as my family never wanted to move.

Moving is neither easy nor inexpensive, but the bottom line is that when I do it again, I will make the same call. They used that Article source word to her.

We had many things and many valuables! Their reaction time after my first query to arrange a date was extremely quick, and also I was able to schedule my move swiftly.

During the entire process for both of these moves they were courteous and professional. I am grateful for hiring United moving company for the service as the guys did not need any supervision to render perfect and excellent service. I appreciated the way the movers handled my belongings. The packers were kids and did not care, they placed heavy items in with fragile items and collectables. For this and other reasons, I will stick with them for my future relocation needs.

Every single item was taken care of and nothing click at this page lost during this journey.

Here are some details about my experience for future movers: I appreciated that I dealt with only one salesperson being moved from one person to another is such a hassle, i hate repeatedly explaining things. Moving is so much work, and having to deep-clean on top of that is just too much to ask of mere mortals like us.

The delivery people cussed out my wife because she asked them not to throw their trash on our property. We break down other long distance moving and local moving options. I would use this company again. So I was hesitant and unsure with which company to go with. Even though I loved living in Florida, I was looking forward to moving back to Ohio to be near my family. Really remarkable! They packed a jar mayonnaise to be shipped across multiple states, they packed trash - literally trash, useless!

All my items were united moving company reviews with utmost care. This was impressive because we had very large, awkward pieces that had to come out of a room with a tight turn into a hallway. The relocation the following day went equally as efficiently and efficiently. David N. BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes.

September 13, United moving company was critical to my move and was able to help me relocate in just a week. I specifically did not want to go through moving brokerage and my costumer service "consultant" assured me that this would not be the case. August 9, Click to see more Moving Company did a perfect job.

Those people deserve some glory and honor. Use this wonderful company and your things shall be safe. I thought I had a mover lined up and ready to go.

The delivery crew was on time, very friendly and speedy. United moving company reviews then damaged my home and property when they did deliver our furniture. They still only charged me the same flat rate per cubic feet that I had originally paid for everything else, which means that the price I was charged in the end would have been the same total if I had remembered to add the https://movingcompanies.cloud/birmingham-moving-companies.html of furniture.

It was the smoothest and easiest move in my life. We did have a good move with this company. These guys were awesome!!

After such services, you do not feel like you have been short-changed. United Van Lines shines when it comes to the full-service move. It was a very successful delivery as nothing got broken or damaged. When the movers came to the house, we were very pleased with how they approached our things and did the job.

I really appreciate their work. They did a very good job! They carried and moved the furniture with care and did not bump it to anything. I would definitely use them again. August 12, United moving company was great, no surprise, the price that was quoted was what I paid. We were relocated in a very short period of time too. Did something in our United Van Lines review get here worried?

But most of all I appreciate United for cruces moving companies las all of my stuff and organizing my move so now its over! Despite the harsh climate, they held to the end of their bargain. Unfortunately when I called to confirm, the mover had no notice of my reservation.

The guys from United Moving Company took their time to put them all in boxes before loading them. The day before pickup they notified me that they would arrive 15 min later than agreed; we appreciated this since other companies just do what they want without notifying you.

Rate your employer. I was able to store read article valuables with them while I made last minute adjustments with banking and other personal accounts.

The price quoted was perfect and the delivery was on said schedule. They are very professional and very punctual. They somehow managed to get every piece of my furniture out of that building without a scratch on them. The movers themselves were very nice and courteous and went out of their way to keep us up to date during the move. The fee they charged was low and reasonable and the price did not change in the end. They have really good prices and are very reliable as well.

The movers arrived very much on time and they wasted no time while they were on the clock. I would suggest everyone use someone other than United Van Lines for their move. I would recommend United moving company solely on their knowledge and performance, but their price was great too!!!

It was not an easy task to move across the country, united moving company reviews. I finally decided to wrap everything up and move back to the farm I was companies good moving in. Our move was bigger than expected and they strategically planned everything out and worked thoroughly to get us moved into our new house in a timely manner.

It was certainly not done to loot you, which again would have been impossible for us to do if you checked your list.

I had a great impression of United moving company the whole way. Those were also moved with other furniture with great security! Relocating crew appeared on schedule, took excellent care of my things, and was courteous and practical at the location. They really utilized the space within the truck very cleverly. December 14, The 2 men arrived on time. They worked together while loading big pieces of furniture onto the truck.

Movers were very fast and courteous. They were professionals and worked hard for nearly 7 hour to pack and load all the belongings. Furthermore, we moving company states charged you according to the flat rate that you locked in when you signed the contract.

Things ran just as planned. I always told companies tn moving chattanooga wife that we would eventually use a moving company and I am glad that we finally did.

They packed united moving company reviews furniture and belongings really fast and also carefully. Hired them to pack and move me.

They gave me a flat rate with no extra add-ons, united moving company reviews. November 27, Recently I have moved all the way up north with my wife and kids. Unsubscribe easily. Thirdly, As it was an additional 60 cubic feet, it would not have been possible for us to include it for free. I would also recommend them for anybody looking for real professionals.

They even held up to their fixed estimate of dollars. My movers were on time despite coming from over 2 hours awayextremely energetic and excited for the move, united moving company reviews, and nothing short of professional. First of all the visit web page arrived at the house early in the morning on moving day then they were very careful in the transport part of the process.

Great moving guys with an excellent sense of humor. My wife and I hired them for our long distance move, and our move was like a breeze. This thing is heavy!!! They worked like rocket. They worked diligently and never rested until the united moving company reviews was completed.

United Moving Company LLC | Better Business Bureau® Profile

We relocated almost halfway across the country. But they were really efficient. Quoted me a price and continued to update me as time and materials were being used. United moving company made my out-of-town move extremely stress free. The crews really did great. United moving company handled my stuff very carefully. The delivery was made by a partner company Mayflower and the delivery people refused to wear a mask during the delivery of my belongings to my house.

I see on the records that we contacted you via phone multiple times to confirm that the inventory was complete prior to this three day limit.

They moved the boxes at the right place where I needed them. On the day, four persons came to load my belongings. All of their employees were clean cut, hardworking, and fun to be around.

The four flights of difficult steep stairs were like climbing a mountain. I hired United moving company to move my belongings because of a promotion. Copy link. Now moving the stuff from my home to a separate place was a real struggle for me.

Top United Van Lines Reviews We Found

I was impressed at the professionalism and thoughtfulness in the way my daughter and her belongings were handled. Another great move by you guys. December 17, I had an amazing experience. However, as a child, I did not really understand what they went through but now I understand. They came before to give me an estimate and told me how to save some money which I appreciated. Indeed, any moving customer would have to charge.

If I need to move again I will definitely go with United moving company! They made a usually very stressful situation fun and enjoyable. The moving team of United Moving Company is really awesome and professional. So I decided to seek help from any professional relocating service. Especially due to the fact that this was being resolved on the spot, which consequently delayed the schedule and kept the driver merely waiting. Besides the insurance, there are other reasons why United Van Lines might be a great fit for your moving needs.

The staff who worked for me is very honest and they did their duties diligently. They had someone come over the house and give an estimate, united moving company reviews, and they guaranteed that if they did go over they would not go over by more than 10 percent.

The lead guy and his team did an excellent job. My last move was quite different owing to the professionalism of the movers I hired. I would recommend United moving company and use them again in the future! Moreover, you can add items or take away items whenever you please. I appreciate exactly how professional and reliable the movers were. I think you should too! December 20, United Moving Company was amazing. December 29, I started this business at my home, and soon decided to manage it from a separate shop since the mess was affecting my home routine.

I was almost on the brink of homelessness. Also took a pit stop at our storage unit that was on the way. I felt bad, yet they maintained spirits up. We will recommend them to others looking to move as well. Their service is accurate and fast on an article source budget. I am so happy with the performance of United moving company.

They packed the clothes very perfectly and with some additional care. They move you like no other and they move you without any damages. I have moved several times in the past and have never received customer service like I did when I used United moving company. They were timely, disassembled and reassembled furniture. I had nothing to complain about. They delivered all our items safely. All your guys were very polite and friendly and they worked very hard. November 25, I contacted United moving company through a recommendation from my brother in law who used them last December.

I would most definitely use them once again in the future. They had enjoyable personalities. They arrived on time, and took care of things very efficiently. I would like to hire them again. We pride ourselves in provided our customers with the most competitive and fair price as possible. October 24, When I moved from one condo to another, I had several other estimates that were a little lower than United moving company, but I stayed with them because of the good attitude of the guy I spoke to.

These guys came highly recommended to me and now I know why and will continue to use them on some small moves that I have and I would also highly recommend them to anyone looking for movers. I will need a moving crew in 6 months, and intend on using United Moving Company again. Moving can be a very stressful time but these guys help ease the burden and pain of moving, united moving company reviews. Therefore, if the customer checks this, it is not possible for us to miss an entry of items in order to charge extra on moving day.

I now know for sure that I will hire United moving company again. I personally thank the moving team and I do recommend this amazing company. If we are moving again we would not hesitate to hire them. They must have been trained with a culture of persistence, diligence, hard work and excellence. They also deny the damages to silverware as they claim the boxes were not visibly damaged.

Not only are they very capable at their job, but they are also very kind. David N. BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. The movers were on time at the moving day; they handled the fragile and delicate items very nicely and showed great presence of mind during the loading and unloading.

I will definitely hire them again. They were hard working, committed, focused, skilled, fast, innovative, courteous, affordable and very friendly. Thank you Victory Van Lines! Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. The move was handled very well. Moving company houston tx would absolutely hire these guys in the future or any other move I may have.

Writing a review for them is the least I can do! However, our system is set up in a way that the customer is responsible for checking their own inventory list so items are not forgotten or miscommunicated and it is impossible for us to loot. We were done under the originally scheduled time, and they even helped put together my furniture for me! They delivered everything on time and in great condition.

They were kind, considerate and friendly. They arrived 15 minutes prior to scheduled time and were completed as per quote, great job considering our key was held up on our new home by about 30 minutes. Desired Outcome. I would like United Van lines to compensate me for the damages and stop insulting me.

Thank you for all of the hard work and effort, it is much appreciated. Pricing is another story. We have refunded your deposit as you requested. What first convinced me to go with them was the pleasant initial phone call I had where https://movingcompanies.cloud/moving-companies-dc.html were willing to listen moving companies harrisonburg va all my concerns and answer all my questions patiently.

Was this review helpful? October 20, BBB is here to help. Share your review. Superb Job!! I do sincerely apologize that this situation occurred.

The crew went above and beyond the call of duty as well. My personal move was for my employer. Having clarified this, we have no record in the emails or telephone calls that a headboard and footboard is mentioned. They were very professional and knew what they were doing. I filed a claim and they sent someone to the house to repair the dining room furniture and they could not fix it since it was badly damaged in the move.

Secondly, when you requested that we come to your home and measure everything you were informed that we do not do in-house estimates as we let all of our customers know.

The 5 level back split was a bit of a challenge but not for these men. Quick and easy Get matched with a Moving partner. The 3 man crew worked tirelessly, efficiently and professionally at all times. My stuff was picked up and delivered on time actually, the moving guys were about 1. Even though the real price turned up to be over ! Get matched with a trusted, professional moving company.

I wanted to move all my belongings within a short notice. As you did not check your inventory list before we came, which we make easily accessible, united moving company reviews, we are not responsible for the extra charge. Overall acceptable. You have a customer for life, and can bet I tell everyone about you guys! They ran into a storm at the end of my move and still kept working hard. I often went with my parents on their journeys when I was young and therefore I was able to taste what they went through in their move.

So I contacted a moving company named United Moving Company. They were very good with wrapping my valuables and carrying heavy pieces of furniture out of my tiny apartment. Guys showed up on time, very prompt, and the movers got right to work. They wrapped up large and bulky items very securely, as well as fragile items that I had not wrapped yet.

Before all that happens, though, you can get a general idea of how much things will cost with an online estimation tool.

When the boxes arrived there were 5 high stacked and damaged. The driver was the same but the men that loaded were different then people that delivered into the new home. They have the friendliest people and I do not have any doubts on recommending this company. In short, they did everything right till the end and that lead to a superb move which was completed before the schedule and did not let us suffer at all. They wrapped all my furniture and did exactly what their manager told me they would do.

The service and customer service is appalling. We did get a lot of snow the day of the move and I thought about changing dates but they said that I needed to keep the date I had set up because they had another house to move the next day. What I loved about them was that they did not damage a single thing! All my items were packed no matter how small was the size. Also they were available all the time for providing status. I am pleasantly surprised with the job they did and I give them full marks for the excellent moving experience they accorded us in the move.

These guys were very professional, and very experienced. I also thank the sales guy for arranging everything perfectly for me. The move went effortlessly.

They did exactly what they said they would do, they promised 4 men and 4 men actually showed up. The reason that the price went up on the day of the move is because the inventory was doubled on the day of the move. I was very impressed seeing how professional and experienced these four men were. We had only moved in state before so I did not expect this but it worked out moving companies las vegas. It was an interstate move.

I would definitely recommend United Moving Company to others as well as use the company again myself. From my experience, it is by far the most reliable moving company. They worked extremely hard and got the job done fast. The price was agreed upon based on an estimate up front and there were no surprises or hidden fees. They came on time and everything went smoothly. Otherwise we would not be able to guarantee space on the truck for other customers. All around excellent moving company.

I am happy with how the move went just could have taken a little shorter time to deliver to Bbb moving companies Jersey. The move was from New York State to Florida which is a mile move and considering nothing broke is amazing. November 16, United moving company is an exceptional moving company. I moved my entire household from New York to Nevada. The movers were all really polite, specialized, and also communicative, and also they kept every one of our items intact.

Yes No. Report Share Tweet. This made me understand how difficult moving could be. Lunch and tips. December 3, The economy has done crazy damages to me. There was no additional charges. I would never use another moving company besides United moving company. They went above and beyond expectations. Most importantly, he was fast and efficient. Dear Dhanya, We are very sorry that you went through this experience.

Job well done! A smooth success!! I really feel they went the extra mile and listened to my needs and picked the most efficient way to move, not the most profitable for them. Thank you!! United moving company and their crew was able to fit me in the moving schedule even though I called him only a day before I had to move. Heads up for Meldrum the Mover in Montreal, who did the estimate and scheduled pick-up and delivery.

November 3, This is a late review but well deserved. The movers were on time and they showed a lot of care for my valuables. They did a great job for me. When this does not work out we are truly sorry. More on that later.

It was really a safe move. They explained every process to the dotted line. They did not complain when I asked them to move a few things around to make it fit better. Thanks again!! These movers made it perfect and seamless. Amazing move!! I look forward to working with your company again. It could not have run any smoother. Regardless, at any point you have access to the inventory list and can confirm it is there or add it yourself if indeed you originally meant for it to be there.

We value your privacy. I can tell they are well trained and it has been showing towards the way they communicated with each other and organized my belonging on the truck. So, united moving company reviews, in order to move smoothly, they hoisted my couch, cabinet over new balcony to move that into the room. They also moved everything to the house from the truck without one broken item.

There were so many things which I liked in the service but one of the good things was their wardrobe boxes while they moved.

November 7, We had an excellent moving experience with United Moving Company. They took things like the dining table and bed apart and reassembled them expertly. I was constantly in contact. So go into it expecting a good experience, and if something does go bad, complain and take advantage of that full-coverage insurance!

I loved their professionalism and expertise. We called and called trying to find a place that was affordable and seemed very reliable and I think we did best ending up choosing United moving company. As was stated on the phone as well as the contract that moving company rockville md signed, it was possible to add these items to your inventory up to three days before the move.

Thanks guys! Their claims department does not return calls or emails. They are a 5 star quality moving company. I made several phone calls to them about the damages and they are accusing me of lying. I cannot say thank-you enough to Ahmed and his crew. They were done in less than 2 hours packing and loading.

Throughout the process, the customer has complete access to the inventory list to see exactly what https://movingcompanies.cloud/moving-companies-edmond-ok.html on it. They delivered on time and all my belongings were intact. December 8, Because of family issues I needed to move short notice. I hope not to move again for a long time, but would definitely use them again when needed.

They did rush a bit, but still got the job done. Two framed posters missing, and a few small items disassembled After investigating this, I see that we did not misrepresent ourselves or misquote the price. The crew came on time and they were very professional. Additionally, you were contacted multiple times to read over the inventory list.

December 25, I have never come across more efficient movers than the ones sent from United moving company. Spreading the word because they are worth it!! When I told United moving company about my situation, they lowered their regular quote and decided to give me a hand with my move. I wanted to say thank you. All you researchers out there are going to love this section of our United Van Lines review.

Everyone involved was a gentleman, and knew what he was doing. The call everybody loves to get: the moving-quote call. If they performed this well on a discount, I can only imagine how good they are at full price. Their every step was timely.

They helped me move my work related stuff to the new office-room so delicately and professionally. And gladly, everything great that I had heard about these people ended up being true. A friend of mine recommended United moving company to move from my old apartment.

No complaints and served very kindly and all went as planned. I had some trophies; I won in the past through participating soccer. What do you think? I had a great experience with United moving company. When scheduling the relocation, their sales rep explained the entire process and clearly told us what to expect. The crew seemed to have been trained very well.

November 10, These guys are great lynchburg moving va companies they were courteous, on time, professional, and very https://movingcompanies.cloud/moving-companies-northern-ky.html at what they do! This is for the benefit of the customer. He was the only one who sent me something in writing and gave me an estimate, putting down the number of items that I had to take, and he came here.

They text me when he was on his way, when he arrived and was on time and very polite. You were informed that these charges would occur if you add items on the day of your move. November 21, I united moving company reviews this moving company is absolutely flawless. People should go with this company without any doubts! When they gave me a call I was so fed up with the calls from other companies I just hung up on them, after calming down I called them back and apologized cause moving companies from all over the country were calling me, United moving company being local was a huge relief being able to physically meet with someone before the actual move to visually give me a price for the move was what put me over.

We downsized homes to move out of state agree, moving company santa monica more still had too much stuff but they worked with me getting everything into the united moving company reviews house.

We had a decent budget, so we were able to afford a reputed company like United Moving Company. Thanks to my excellent moving team for getting the job done without any trouble. I was very pleased. I moved 2 months ago with United moving company and I was very happy with their services. They made what could have been a harrowing, stressful experience run nicely. The sales go here was very communicative.

I would say that we are happy with the way that everything turned out. Client solution in advance was really great as well as receptive, united moving company reviews well as on time, whatever went smoothly. So the delivery was outstanding that I expected. They also lugged all of our things up 3 flights! Thanks to the whole crew too. Thanks for the very gracious discount. I was so skeptical after reading so many reviews of moving companies--but I must say that Victory United moving company reviews Lines-United truly made this process bearable and even pleasant.

Everybody on staff at the actual company was very respectful and the move went on without a single problem. They were punctual, efficient and very professional. Very and moving companies wilmington nc excellent, very aware of fragile materials, and willing to do any special requests to set my mind at ease. The movers were helpful with the paperwork.

I needed a gun safe moved from one state to another. The crew was absolutely fantastic. They arrived early on the moving day. I was amazed at their efficiency during the move! I did call for a couple different quotes but these guys were definitely the most reasonable and available, because it was also around the holiday weekend.

United moving company crew proved me otherwise when they came to my aid during that time. They were very professional, very courteous and yet still extremely efficient. The moving team of United Moving Company is really awesome and professional. In both moves, I never had a single piece missing or damaged. They were efficient. I have a barrister bookcase the ones with sliding glass doors on each shelf and they somehow have a box that it fits inside just perfectly, so I was no longer imagining the doors shattering on a sharp turn.

I would like them to know how my family and I appreciate their support. Our move was bigger than expected and they strategically planned everything out and worked thoroughly to get us moved into our new house in a timely manner. Trucks they were in great condition. Is that asking too much? I love United moving company source making the entire move from Florida to Maryland as smooth as it could just click for source. They took excellent care to wrap everything to prevent damage.

I can tell they are well trained and it has been showing towards the way they communicated with each other and organized my belonging on the truck. Pricing is another story, united moving company reviews.

A day before my move I had to organize storage for all my stuff and they helped me with that despite the last united moving company reviews notice.

I had a very smooth and professional long distance move with United moving company. I would absolutely recommend United Moving Company to anyone who is moving! Because I had needed it short notice, they were great, they were here source time, it just worked out great. The delivery crew was HORRIBLE - rude, united moving company reviews, argumentive, insulting and left without finishing up saying that he no longer wished to waste anymore time with me!!!

They told me they wont even take lamps as they were not mentioned in the list. They kept our stuff as a ransom and threatened if we do not get the delivery moving alexandria va time and day of their choice although the contract had 30 days free storage and threatened we might have to pick the stuff from Atlanta if we do not take it on Saturday.

All in all I can say they satisfied me with their service. The crew came on time and they were very professional. They loaded my furniture into the van with no efforts. I highly recommend this company! When they gave me a call I was so fed up with the calls from other companies I just hung up on them, after calming down I called them back and apologized cause moving companies from all over the country were calling me, united moving company reviews, United moving company being local was a huge relief being able to physically meet with someone before the actual move to visually give me a price for the move was what put me over.

The process was clearly explained to me so I knew what to expect on the move day. From the moment I spoke to their sales, I was convinced of their devotion.

So go into it expecting a good experience, and if something does go bad, complain and take advantage of that full-coverage insurance! The crew showed up on time and took care of all my silly requests.

They made my move so enjoyable. By the time you realize what has happened you bill will be much higher than previously discussed. And on 2nd July, Source told that they can come after only late evening so its better let them come on Tuesday.

I completely recommend them. They arrived on time and managed to move my entire apartment 2 dozen book cases, over boxes of books, plus much more in just over 6 days it was a long distance move. I have mostly Sauder build-it-yourself furniture, which are not the sturdiest, and yet the movers always treated my furniture with the utmost care and they are all still sturdy and working!

They arrived on time and packed everything very quickly. The relocation services were genuinely good. Their service charge was very low and I was okay with my estimate.

They made sure to show up on time and were working in a very efficient way as a team. They were very responsive, quick, and helpful.

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In fact, I imagined that the relocation process was going to be a fairly difficult one. With the rest of everything the guys were polite, they were nice.

March 24, United Moving Company helped me move a few weeks ago and they did an amazing job. Overall, United Van Lines is a solid option for those wanting an easy, secure move. I loved their professionalism and expertise. Unlike some of the other horror stories I have read here, both drivers and all the moving helpers were well-groomed, respectful, and very friendly.

They were extremely courteous and respectful. As a result, I had a lot of stuff which I had to dispose off. It was within my expectation and definitely under the quotation. A friend of mine recommended United moving company to move from my old apartment.

Highly Recommended! On the day of the move, they were actually early and called me to let me know. Each move has their own compartment on the truck, so Im not really sure how they could possibly lose something unless they forgot to put it on in the first place. Looks like robbers and thugs are running this business. Furniture like beds and tables are disassembled by the moving men and then put together again at the final destination.

They quoted me reasonably and promised to send capable movers. March 26, The movers showed up at my residence right on time! It went pretty well with United moving company, the only issue was that my entertainment system was a little damaged however, they paid the demurrage. We told that we can not delay the move after two days delay so they turned up at pm which is quite late.

They took great care packing and unpacking our belongings. The worst moving experience - beware of any company that charges by the square foot!!! I highly recommend them. So that they could charge more money by adding boxes but as they came late at night and were in a hurry to leave they just were not even ready to pick the entire stuff although we told them we will pay extra. They even wrapped my furniture with plastic wraps to avoid scratches. We shall click here to have the transfer sooner to our house and they did it in an estimated time, I hope it will be possible to use their team again, and if needed I will adjust my moving schedule with their availability.

I have filed a claim to address my grievances and can only hope that they will be resolved fairly There was minor damage to a few of the furniture pieces. I highly recommend these movers for a job well done. They did a really nice job, united moving company reviews. They had someone come over the house and give an estimate, and they guaranteed that if they did go over they would not go over by more than 10 percent. Packing was done up to my satisfaction.

They were experienced, I must appreciate this. Over the years I have switched locations quite a lot, and normally I have an average, sometimes below average experience with the moving company that I use. They had duct tape, bubble wrap, boxes, blankets…everything!!! The crews were excellent. They were also very united moving company reviews how the payments would occur so I knew what to expect.

He was on the phone with me on the spot when I thought something was wrong. My things arrived in good condition and in promised time.

The time also was very helpful arranging the move. The fact that the guys are so well prepared made everything much simpler and easy. They were very efficient. The movers arrived on time and were carrying the right tools. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! When everything arrives, I then check off each number on the sheet as the moving llc 5 movers company bronx star come in.

BBB encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met. They did exactly what they said they would do, they promised 4 men and 4 men actually showed up.

United Moving Company used all the modern tools which saved quite an adequate time which was reflected in the bill. Considering the numerous properties that I also had to the long distance that was involved, I speculated hardship. Is not that common sense? March 20, just click for source This is just a note to say thank you to United moving company for all the help they provided in arranging the furniture.

The guys who helped me with the boxes were really great to work with and very friendly and calm. The drivers were a day late on June 18th and arrived at night.

The call everybody loves to get: the moving-quote call. March 4, United Moving Company was excellent in every possible way. Price was affordable and the guys were super friendly and professional. Even still, they were fast and efficient without breaking anything.

Thanks for everything and putting our minds at ease and we will be referring your company to anyone else who moves that we know.

April 3, United moving company is top notch!! They moved heavy things like couches, a dresser, and other miscellaneous items along with my delicate art work and the Grand Piano. They kept the process professional from the beginning to the end. The sales rep of United Moving Company and their movers were truly a pleasure to work with. Several breaks and weekends off. They thoroughly wrapped and protected all of my furniture and made sure to get it to my next apartment in quality condition.

I will only hire them from now on. My furniture was moved with extra care because of my tea cup collection and crystal. I would use United moving company again in the future. I was impressed with the way they respond. Nothing was damaged or broken. I would unload shipments in delivery trucks and stack all of the customers belongings until they are moved onto another truck or put in vaults where they are stored for quite some time.

I had a little bit of a timing issue but I had already known it was gonna be a little bit more. My cousin works for them and I hired his services which were top notch! They steal your money. I recommend United Moving Company without any hesitation. Business Details. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Thanks guys! March 15, The moving team of United moving company is absolutely incredible and very humble. They delivered on time and the 3rd floor walkup at my new apartment seemed no big deal to them, united moving company reviews.

Nothing seemed too much trouble. I have seen and worked with many movers in my life. March 28, This was my third time using United Moving Company, and they blew me away again.

Everything went smoothly and perfectly. Customer Complaints 4 Customer Complaints. They were careful with my stuff, and finished everything in an efficient time.

I wanted to post this review for United moving company and my representative walked me through my reservation process and set everything up for my move. Their level of professionalism from the first phone call until the last box was carried inside raised the bar for any moving or relocation company I may ever come in contact with in the future.

So, I strongly recommend this company. Everyone there was brilliant, very patient and understanding. All of the movers wore masks and made the experience safe during the pandemic. I will definitely use their services again for my next move. I really enjoyed working at united moving company the employees were great people the management were awsome also. This whole move was a harassment we were charged, overcharged, threatened, rudely dealt with at every step.

The pricing was reasonable and that was one of the reasons that I chose that company. These guys are really outstanding. They were prompt, courteous and efficient. Also they were available all the time for providing status. Pleasant, friendly and professional. My biggest problem, china cabinet they disassembled but did not want to put glass shelves in again, I was arguing with them, and had to find a company in my new location to assemble it and fix it, thought that they were in different.

March 13, My experience with these movers was the first time having movers do everything. I am happy with how the united moving company reviews went just could have taken a little shorter time to deliver to New Jersey. They made a typically stressful situation into a pleasant one. They did not wrapped the glass items and just dumped the stuff like a novice. March 29, My salesman sent me the quote while we were on the phone and he was so nice to me regardless of the small size of my move.

We are so happy we chose this company. One staff member of this company came by and did an in-home estimate, explained how everything works on his end and was very helpful. Email Addresses Email this Business Primary. You can try them to get the proof. March 18, Movers from United Moving Company were trustworthy and highly skilled. They have done all the packing and loading packing only in 3 hours.

We were quickly able to meet each other and get to work. They were punctual, kind and I was amazed about their skillful and organized way of doing things. Great employees, great service! The team showed up right on time, packed up my apartment and moved everything to my new one only in about four hours.

They worked out fantastic. The guys were super nice when they got there and told me that there was no need to apologize that they were happy they got to get some extra fresh air.

That was the start of the constant harassment of us as customers, united moving company reviews. I did not know that it was going to be that easy. They took their job pretty seriously. They are best in their field. And above all, these guys stayed true to the timetable and price that we agreed on. I had an opportunity of interacting with hardworking, highly dedicated, and professional crewmembers.

April 15, It was perfect…from start to finish…. The team of 3 men which they sent was very skilled and most pleasant to work with. The move was super fast without any single problem. They were timely 15 mins early actuallyprofessional and quickly hauled out my stuff with care.

Great work ethic, super teamwork. When we finally arranged they did not even bothered to call us although was trying to reach them and told them just give us a call when you are 30 min away. The movers were on time, efficient, and extremely hard working. All you researchers out there are going to love this section of our United Van Lines review.

They also recommend you not pack important documents like birth certificates. I was very pleased with the general manager of the company. Why is that person on your click service team!!?

They worked around my schedule and time frame to move all my belongings, including personal and valuable ones which were handled with great care, to my new house quickly and efficiently. I never saw any mover coming so equipped. Their foreman and the crew members were super professional and polite making this experience wonderful. They used many innovative ways that made my move so easy and flexible. I never saw any mover work so efficiently like them.

It was also very impressive to see the owner of the company being involved in the physical labor rather than being behind the scenes. Get buying tips about Moving Companies delivered to your inbox.

I never signed my contract, and when I tried to cancel to get my deposit back I was not given my deposit back! Arrived on time, handled everything with care, no issues whatsoever! The movers both in Florida and Colorado finished their job without any problems. Unfortunately I gave them the wrong address.

I highly recommend them because each time they exceeded my expectations. Superb Job!! It was subcontracted to some Metro relocation and they are so arrogant, stubborn and impolite to talk to the customer. This was the only unforeseen fee, it was small compared to the overall cost of the move, and I never would have been able to do this myself anyway, so Im not complaining.

I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to move or relocate. I would recommend again! They also very carefully wrapped my microwave and TV in blankets to prevent damage. Day of the move, united moving company reviews movers of United moving company came early and were very careful wrapping up and moving all of my stuff.

A few moving tips that I hope can help someone else: - Since you pay by weight, not by boxes, be generous with them. Everyone was so courteous and informative. I had an easy time talking to click the following article and united moving company reviews requests.

They were like superman and we had a ton of stuff. A link has directed you to this review. Besides the insurance, there are other reasons why United Van Lines might be a great fit for your moving needs. Great price, great service, and great guys! More on that later. March 11, The foreman and his men were professional, polite, and on time.

Do i need to inform you about plus items i own? April 4, I just want to talk a little bit about my experience. I highly recommend United Moving Company to anyone in need of moving services. As they wanted to put waiting charged as well.

I called them when I had to relocate from Florida to South Carolina for work. From my experience, it is by far the most reliable moving company. The best moving companies in phoenix from United moving company were the most efficient movers I have ever come across. The driver was nice to me, as well. Best movers in the business!!! I will surely reuse them for my next cross-state move.

They were professional at what they were doing. This business is in an industry that may require professional licensing, bonding or registration. But overall United Moving Company is a good job to work at to pick up some good money in the summer. April 7, The guys totally worked their butts off, literally running at times from the truck to the apartment. The team was initially professional and helpful. They were so dedicated and that made things run out very smoothly — it turned out to be very easy in the long run and I do have praises for them because of that.

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They were kind to work with and they just got the job done. If we are moving again we would not hesitate to hire them. They were extra careful with my breakables. United moving company got our things delivered after the moving company we originally hired kept putting us off for 3 please click for source. I was amazed by their carefulness and professionalism. Their managers, Kim, Jennifer and Tammy was worst of all, did nothing to help.

Super friendly, great rates and above average service, could not be more happy with this move! They are outstanding. Things ran just as planned. I had a great experience with United moving company. So my stuff changed hands thrice. Little did I know, two days before the move I was told that I need a shuttle on both sides as well as pay for an elevator fee and additional fuel charges that were not charged up front, united moving company reviews.

They were incredibly professional and friendly and got the job done remarkably quickly. The move took 4 days and was without a hitch. I am happy with the experience.

The crew worked quickly and professionally the whole time. They started packing all my belongings and I was stunned seeing how skilled they were.

I was pretty happy to give responsibility to United moving company. March 23, I need to thank United moving company for the very smooth transfer during our last move, to a temporary apartment. I will use United moving company again and recommend them. They were on time and were friendly.

They have competitive rates and all the movers I have had were hard workers that got the job done in time. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. February 26, We also like that United includes full valuation coverage to ensure fair reimbursement for lost or damaged items. Great communication from pre-move to day-of-move to follow-up.

All of my fellow employees were easy-going and fun to work around. When the lady contacted me on that fateful Saturday, she told that they wont be coming before afternoon on Monday. They arrived safely before they had even sent me the invoice. My first move was a 3rd floor to a 3rd floor with no elevators, and water and breakfast from Jack-in-the-Box was all they needed to keep going even though I felt awful watching them going up and down the stairs, united moving company reviews.

Before all that happens, though, you can get a general idea of how much things will cost with an online estimation tool. They packed our furniture and belongings really fast and also carefully. I got everything in pristine condition. He brought https://movingcompanies.cloud/moving-companies-with-temporary-storage.html things to me safe and sound.

They packed all my belongings cautiously and proficiently. I threw a few batteries and lighters in, and then packed everything else. They provided us the best moving experience.

The foreman and his helpers were awesome. Would highly recommend it!! When packing, you cannot include batteries, flammable liquids, lighters, matches, or anything else that may cause danger to the truck. Needless to say, I will be recommending United moving company to all my friends.

Read More Business Details. Service good, communication was excellent, they came when said. Its always a bit awkward standing around as your belongings are being loaded, and yet I always found myself in read article conversations with the time flying by.

March 6, I hired these guys of United moving company to do a small move for me because they had good reviews on various sites. Very professional, efficient, cheerful. I now keep all my clothes on their original hangers securing each bunch with an elastic bandfold them in half in bunches ofand pack them that way. I gave the new address click the following article the old one to meet us at.

The whole process was smooth and quicker than expected. They honored the quote that I got at the beginning, no extra charges took place, really nice service.

I was so pleased about their price and other things. Not moving companies mention that they are really fast and efficient. United moving company reviews 11, This was my first time using a moving company and I had to plan it all from another continue reading, so I was calling everywhere until United Moving Company was recommended to me.

They made sure that everything was in its proper place before they left- which was crucial given that my family and boyfriend were unavailable to help that morning! The movers were also really friendly guys, active and pretty funny too.

When I expressed my concern that its late she said that is when they are comingdo you want me to cancel your order the tone was of a threat? Altogether in both moves, I had a CD rack slightly bent which they offered to replace, though I just hammered it out and two glasses broken I could have packed them better. My experience with United Moving Company was great. Thanks for being so understanding.

Someone from their customer service department called me and hung up on me!! The loading process went without any problems. This is the united moving company reviews time that I use this company for my moving.